Individual Treatment

The Process Recovery Center understands that clients seek out individual therapy for a variety of reasons. One on one therapy are individualized and are used to address multiple mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, and trauma. In addition, therapists regularly treat clients who need help with addressing relationship problems, low self-esteem, or any other issues which affect day to day functioning.

Our Approach

The Process Recovery Center allows all clients in our treatment program to receive weekly individualized therapy sessions. Once assigned to one of our educated and qualified therapists, each client will be personally evaluated and provided with a specially designed treatment plan personalized to their specific needs. The client will receive this plan within the first two weeks of reporting to the facility. Clients will utilize their individual therapy sessions to address any work they may have completed which is outlined in their treatment plan. During our individualized sessions, a therapist will use empathy and compassion which assists in facilitating lifestyle changes. The therapist will also identify underlying causes of clients’ symptomology, as well as provide specific strategies or techniques for changing cognitive distortions, damaging behaviors, or hurtful emotions.

It is important to remember mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder can contribute to as well as exacerbate problems of addiction. Moreover, unresolved stress can manifest in the form of limiting beliefs, hurtful feelings, and destructive behaviors.


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