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I’ve come to realize over many years in the field that most people understand the recovery process even though they don’t realize it. The recovery process is a restoration to our true selves through the spiritual principals of kindness, discipline, humility, honesty, compassion, empathy and love. The journey of recovery is a journey of personal growth. Individuals suffering from substance use disorder have been looking outside themselves for years abusing drugs and alcohol compromising who they truly are. Through guidance and support, we are restored to health to live the promising fulfilling lives we were supposed to. Justin and I have personally experienced and also witnessed the life changing transformation that happens in the recovery process. We believe that not only are we capable of living clean and staying clean, but we have the capabilities to go on to tap into the best parts of ourselves and accomplish amazing things in our lives.

Christopher DiNicola

Our Philosophy

At The Process Recovery Center, we understand that drug and alcohol addiction, coupled with possible mental health issues, are serious problems within our community, and society as a whole. Our clinical team not only believes in the education of addiction as a disease but also exploring the probability of mental health concerns that may need to be diagnosed. Every client here at The Process Recovery Center is truly treated as an individual and provided with a treatment program specific to their needs so they may have success in achieving long term sobriety. We also provide interactive classes on building and developing life skills to increase responsibility and productivity in social settings, relationships, and careers. Our goal is to deliver a powerful and engaging message of hope to anyone suffering from addiction or mental health issues.


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